Craddock Park – Westport      Saturday 16th March 2019


POOL A : Westport – Waimea – Old Boys
POOL B : White Star – Valley Stags – Ngakawau/Karamea


12-00pm : Westport v Old Boys – Craddock 1 – Ref: P. Grafton

12-00pm  : Ngakawau v White Star – Craddock 2 – Ref: A. Duncan

12-45pm : Old Boys v Waimea – Craddock 1 – Ref: A. Duncan

12-45pm : Ngakawau v Valley Stags – Craddock 2 – Ref: P. Grafton

1-30pm : Westport v Waimea – Craddock 1 – Ref: A. Duncan

1-30pm : White Star v Valley Stags – Craddock 2 – Ref: N.Thompson


2-15pm : 1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B – Craddock 1 – Ref:     TBA

2-15pm : 2nd Pool A v 1st Pool B – Craddock 2 – Ref:     TBA

PLAYOFF 5th/6th:

3-00pm : 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B – Craddock 1 – Ref:     TBA

PLAYOFF 3rd/4th:

3-15pm : Semi-final runners up – Craddock 2 – Ref:     TBA


3-30pm : Semi-final winners – Craddock 1 – Ref:     TBA

Tournament Briefing

11:45am at Craddock Park

Food + Drink

Buller High School fundraising – BBQ and assortment of drinks

Changing Areas

One changing room on site – teams encouraged to bring tent along as a base. Plenty of space to surrounding grounds.

After-match Function

The Buller Rugby Union invite all teams to join them at the Criterion Hotel following the conclusion of the final.




Rules for tournament:


  • 10 mins each way, 3 mins for half time.
  • Rolling subs – Player(s) leaving field must be off field via AR prior to player(s) entering field of play. Anytime ok with AR approval.
  • Scrums – Maximum push 1.5m, Clear mandate by refs to maintain stability, ref has right to call uncontested at any time if scrums becoming problematic. Must have 5 persons. No detaching to play the ball. Sanction Penalty
  • Yellow card – 3 minutes sin bin
  • All conversions drop kick & maximum time permitted 40 sec from try scored. Scoring team restarts. Maximum 40 sec to restart play after conversion. Time off for 1st infringement, no conversion or penalty ½ way for subsequent infringements. (Just roughly and to discourage timewasting).
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct – eg: throw ball away, kick ball away, player abuse, referee abuse. Immediate penalty or card – Referee’s discretion.
  • Minimum 2 persons in each team form lineout.


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