Westport get the spoils ! 15 years on !

It had been a long time between drinks, but the Westport rugby team finally got the “monkey off its back” after 15 years of trying at the weekend. Going into Saturdays Buller Rugby Senior Shield match on Victoria Square as favourites after an unbeaten Buller club year, Westport won in


Buller Rugby Union Draw Saturday 16th June SENIOR RUGBY – JUBILEE TROPHY ROUND 9 White Star v Westport Victoria Square 2-45pm Referee: Phil Grafton AR’s: M Newburry and M Watt Ngakawau BYE WESTLAND MILK JAB RUGBY Under 16 Westport v Greymouth - Craddock Park #1 - 10-30am - M Newburry Hokitika v White Star - Cass Square - 12-30pm Under 14 Westport v

Buller-West Coast Draw ~ JUBILEE TROPHY FINAL

Buller Rugby Union Draw Saturday 2nd June SENIOR RUGBY – JUBILEE TROPHY FINAL   Kiwi v Westport Rugby Park, Greymouth 2-45pm Referee: Scott Bermingham Assistant Referee 1: Andrew Duncan Assistant Referee 2: Colin Van Der Geest Sub Controller: Jason Prendergast SCHOOL RUGBY Wednesday 30th June @ Buller High School 11:00am Buller High School U15 v Greymouth High School U15 Referee: Andrew Duncan AR: Tim Coleman 12:30pm

Buller–West Coast Combined Senior & Junior Draw 12th May

Buller Rugby Union Draw Saturday 12th May SENIOR RUGBY – JUBILEE TROPHY ROUND 7 Ngakawau v Wests Ngakawau Domain 2-45pm Referee: Andrew Duncan AR’s: Murray Watt and Kelly Taylor South Westland v Westport Ross 2-45pm Referee: Rob Maitland AR’s: TBA Grey Valley v White Star Prendy Park, Ikamatua 2-45pm Referee: Colin Van Der Geest AR’s: Mark

Westport too polished for Marist

Westport defeated Marist 21-7 in their Jubilee Trophy fixture played in wet conditions at Patterson Park in Westport on Saturday. Westport totally dominated the early stages of the game with Marist barely getting their hands on the ball, and when they did, numerous handling errors and a surprising lack of intensity proved costly at crucial