A committee has been formed to organise the 125th Jubilee of the Buller Rugby Football Union. The Union was formed in 1894 and 2018 will mark its 125th year of existence over Easter Weekend.

The Jubilee will be open to anyone associated with Buller Rugby, whether they be players, supporters, administrators etc. We will be using social media as much as possible to contact those who might be interested in attending.

You can help by forwarding the names and email addresses of anyone who might be connected with the Buller Union so they can be added to a database. That way, when we are ready for registrations, we will have a list of contacts. Please contact: andrew@bullerrugby.co.nz

Jubilee Book

Local historian Norm Crawshaw has agreed to write a History of the Buller Union. If anyone has photographs or newspaper clippings Norm would certainly be interested. My suggestion would be to have any material photocopied and photos scanned and they can be forwarded directly to Norm:


To book your accommodation for the weekend please visit the following website: