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Buller Rugby Referees Association (BRRA)

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Buller Rugby Referees Association (BRRA)

The Buller Rugby Union appreciates the assistance provided by our Referee’s Association.

We have a number of active referee’s in the province who ref at various levels of the game.

If you wish to become a referee in the Buller then please contact the Union offices at (03) 789-8330


Referee Report Forms (password will be required for Online Forms T.B.A)

1. Form A – Report of Referee (Ordering Off)
(PDF Download Click Here) –  (Online Form) Click Here 

2. Form B – Report of Assistant Referee (Ordering Off)
(PDF Download Click Here) –  (Online Form) Click Here

3. Form C – Report of Referee (Temporary Suspension)
(PDF Download Click Here)
 –  (Online Form) Click Here 

4. Form D – Report of Assistant Referee (Temporary Suspension)
(PDF Download Click Here)
 –  (Online Form) Click Here 

5. Form E – Report of Referee (Matches Called Off)
(PDF Download Click Here)

6. Referee Abuse Form
Click Here for PDF Download

7.  Serious Injury Report Forms
Click Here for PDF Download

8. NZRU 2018 Black Book
Click Here for PDF Download