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The New Zealand Rugby Football Union was founded in 1892, West Coast joining up in 1893. However, the players in the northern end of the district were not content to be attached to West Coast Union, and sought independence, on April 18, 1894, at Westport, Addison’s, Charlestown, Westport and Westport Union Clubs formed Buller Union; Westport Club was the only Buller Club affiliated to West Coast Union, Soon afterwards, Denniston Club was instituted and affiliated to the new Union.

The new Union made application to the New Zealand Union for recognition, but was opposed by West Coast Union on the ground that any division of the area would be detrimental to the parties concerned. After a member of the New Zealand Rugby Union’s Management Committee had visited Westport and conferred with officials of both Unions, West Coast Union withdrew its opposition, and Buller Union was accepted.

With the growing together of the District’s Clubs, the New Zealanders’ love for competition soon exerted itself, and a “championship” got under way. The ultimate winner was Denniston Club, whose side contained many good players, as was evidenced by the selection of eight of its members for the Buller XV the following season. Actually, Denniston Club headed the table for the first three years of the Union’s existence.