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Tue 30 Jul 2:30 pm H Representative Match Nelson 06 - 00

Buller entered representative competition this year, its first opponent being Nelson, who was defeated 6 to 0 (two tries by J. Bradley), at Westport on July 30.

This was Buller’s first representative XV:
F. Smith (Denniston) C. H. J. Brown (Denniston) Henry Levy (Denniston)
J. Smythe (Denniston) S. J. C. Bennett (Westport) W. Rhodes (Denniston)
J. Bradley (Westport Union) Ed Upham (Westport Union) Geo. Smith (Westport)
J. H. Powell (Charleston) Henray Fergsuon (Charleston) Victor Marshall (Westport)
J. O’Leary (Denniston) W. Duncan (Denniston) John Curtayne (Denniston)

Granity Rover Club was founded at Granity Creek this year; it was to have a career full of interest, commencing With its junior side winning the Buller junior championship the following season. In 1900 the Club took over the name of Pirates Club, reverting to its original title in 1903.

credit: Inangahua Times, Volume XVIII, Issue 508, 9 July 1895 http://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/