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THE 1897-1903 SEASONS:
These years so far as representative fixtures were concerned were blank, and it was not until 1904 that Buller again fielded a side.

However, the Union received some recognition when it had a player selected for the South Island in the first Inter-Island match to be played.

This was W Rhodes, of Denniston Club, who played as one of the two wing forwards in 1897.

In 1898 White Star Club was founded at Westport, and still plays a leading part in Buller Rugby after an existence of seventy years, in which many honours have come its way.

Its early activities were confined to “friendly” contests, affiliation to Buller Union being made in 1901, the junior championship being won in the first year and again in 1902.

Opponents in the division at this date were Cape Foulwind (revived), Denniston, Granity Rover, Westport-Rival and Westport Union Clubs.