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Sat 13 Jul 2:30 pm A Ranfurly Shield Auckland 21 - 00
Sat 20 Jul 2:30 pm A Representative Match Whanganui 41 - 06
Sat 27 Jul 2:30 pm A Seddon Shield Marlborough 06 - 06
Sat 10 Aug 2:30 pm H Representative Match Canterbury 09 - 28
Sat 17 Aug 2:30 pm H Molloy Cup West Coast 05 - 03

This was a most interesting year for Buller, with matches both for the Ranfurly Shield and for the Seddon Shield. The match at Auckland meant the Union’s second visit to the North Island, on which Wanganui was also an opponent. The Ranfurly Shield evaded capture by the Buller men, and a draw was their lot in the Seddon Shield challenge.

A visitor to Westport for the first time was Canterbury.

Matches were:-

v. Auckland At Auckland Lost 0 to 21 {Ranfurly Shield}
v. Wanganui At Wanganui Lost 6 to 41
v. Marlborough At Blenheim Drew 6 to 6 {Seddon Shield}
v. Canterbury At Westport Lost 9 to 28
v. West Coast At Westport Won 5 to 3

The XV to play in Buller’s first Ranfurly Shield challenge was:

  • R. Hall (Granity Rover)
  • Robt. A. Colvin (Westport White Star)
  • W. D. McPike (Westport)
  • R. Hansby (Westport White Star)
  • J. McNally (Westport)
  • W. Brown (Granity Rover)
  • W. Gibbs (Granity Rover)
  • C. Wood (Granity Rover)
  • T. King (Granity Rover)
  • R. Elliot (Westport White Star)
  • V. Marshall (Westport)
  • H. Ferguson (Westport)
  • E. Hogg (Granity Rover)
  • J. Richards (Granity Rover)
  • F. Doncliff (Westport)

Sixty years were to elapse before Wanganui and Buller were once more opponents, Buller journeying to Wanganui again in 1967.

Buller’s next appearance in Auckland was in 1957, fifty years later.

Buller Rugby Reps football team which was beaten by Auckland 21-0 at Alexandra Park, July 13th 1907.