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Sat 12 Aug 2:30 pm H Rundle Cup West Coast 16 - 10
Sat 26 Aug 2:30 pm A Rundle Cup West Coast 20 - 13

Only West Coast was met this year:-

v. West Coast At Westport Won 16 to 10
v. West Coast At Greymouth Lost 13 to 20

The rivalry between Buller and West Coast is one of New Zealand rugby’s most enduring.

The first game between the two occurred in 1896.

Bragging rights on the coast come via the Rundle Cup, which replaced the Molloy Cup in 1911 as the region’s symbol of rugby supremacy.

Of the nearly 40 trophies contested by two provinces in New Zealand rugby, it has the longest continuous history and is second only to the Ranfurly Shield as the oldest rugby prize in New Zealand.

Clement Green (Westport) was again a South Island representative; it was his second appearance in this fixture.

Of interest this season was the forming of sides designated North Island Country and South Island Country to tour and play against the considered major Unions. The South Islanders lost to Canterbury, Otago and Southland, the two combinations later meeting at Wellington for North Island to win. Buller, Marlborough, Nelson and West Coast supplied the members of the Southern team, Buller’s contribution being F.Hansby (Westport White Star), T.King (Granity Rover), J.G.Nolan (Westport White Star), T.Raharuhi (Westport) and R.Todd (Westport).

A New Zealand Maori team toured the country for ten matches, one Buller representative, T.A.French (Westport), being in the side, and appearing in nine of the games.

Rundle Cup – Origins
The Rundle Cup was donated to the West Coast provincial union during their Annual General Meeting at the Albion Hotel on 24 May 1911 by William Rundle as a trophy for Buller-West Coast matches. Rundle was a local business man in the mining industry and former player for the Grey Football Club.

He later perished on the front-line in France during World War One.

The first contest for the cup was held in 1911 in Westport and was won by Buller.

The Rundle Cup