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Sat 20 Jun 2:30 pm A Rundle Cup West Coast 08 - 06
Sat 11 Jul 2:30 pm H Rundle Cup West Coast 06 - 09
Sat 18 Jul 2:30 pm A Seddon Shield Marlborough 15 - 03
Sat 29 Aug 2:30 pm H Representative Match Wairarapa 03 - 21
Sun 06 Sep 2:30 pm H Representative Match South Canterbury 06 - 09
Sun 13 Sep 2:30 pm H Representative Match Hawkes Bay XV 06 - 11

This year, for the first time, six representative matches were contested, the event being celebrated by all resulting in defeats. The games included one with Hawke’s Bay, the only match ever contested with the “Magpies”, and with South Canterbury and with Wairarapa, each for the first time:-

v. West Coast At Greymouth Lost 6 to 8
v. West Coast At Westport Lost 6 to 9
v. Marlborough At Blenheim Lost 3 to 15 {Seddon Shield}
v. Wairarapa At Westport Lost 3 to 21
v. South Canterbury At Westport Lost 6 to 9
v. Hawke’s Bay XV At Westport Lost 6 to 11

West Coast and Buller combined to play New South Wales at Greymouth, Buller players to take part in the match being Stanley Davis (Granity Rover), A.Lockey (Westport White Star), Thos.O’Neill (Westport) and R.G.Tunnicliff (Umere).

Victoria Square, Westport, 1925. http://westcoast.recollect.co.nz/nodes/view/17049#idx22570