~ 1934 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Buller Rugby Union.
We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series since 1934 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. – Web Admin

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Founded 1894– (affiliated NZRU 1894)
F.Keating. esq
A.G.Colvin, H.E.Hammond & J.Tiplady
A.G.Colvin, S.Davies & L.W.Griffiths
Main ground:
Victoria Square, Westport
Cardinal and Blue


Sat 23 Jun 2:30 pm A Rundle Cup West Coast 19 - 00
Sat 14 Jul 2:30 pm H Rundle Cup West Coast 09 - 08
Sat 04 Aug 2:30 pm H Representative Match Bush RU 09 - 05
Sat 22 Sep 2:30 pm A Seddon Shield Marlborough 19 - 07
Sat 29 Sep 2:30 pm H Representative Linwood 09 - 00

The four fixtures this season included, apart from a Seddon Shield challenge, a match with Bush; it was the first time that Union and Buller had been in opposition.

The quartet of games was:-

v. West Coast At Greymouth Lost 0 to 19
v. West Coast At Westport Won 9 to 8
v. Bush At Westport Won 9 to 5
v. Marlborough At Blenheim Lost 7 to 19 {Seddon Shield}

E. C. Holder (Westport Old Boys) wore the All Black jersey again this year, going to Australia with the New Zealand side to play in five matches as one of the wing-threequarters.

The New Zealand side was selected after a North Island and a South Island trial, E.C. Holder and G. A. Orman (Millerton Rangers) both taking part in the trial at Oamaru. Later both were in the A South Island XV, at Auckland, against A North Island XV. On the return to New Zealand the All Blacks met The Rest of New Zealand at Wellington, G. A. Orman being The Rest hooker.

Still another junior Club was affiliated — Batchelor Club.

Excerpt from the Rugby Almanac 1935 edition –

Buller had another very poor season.

For some years past they have been regularly losing players to the Coast, and their captain, W. McNeight, followed this season. A number of retirements weakened the team, and D. S. Loder, Otago rep. of 1930, played for part of the first match only. J. Caldwell captained the side when he was able to play, and the XV. generally teamed well together, even if they lacked in outstanding” players. G. Orman played in the Trials, and quite a storm of criticism was aroused over the action in the Auckland trial, where he was played on the side of the front rank instead of as hooker. He was definitely Buller’s best forward, and an outstanding‘ hooker. He is 23 years old, and is just over 12st. C. George was the best of Buller’s other forwards. The backs had several weak spots, and though E.Holder (1932-34 All Black) played in three matches, two as captain, he made little difference. It is a fact that he does better in better company.

T. Connelly is a good speedy winger, who can play as well in other positions.

J.Hill (wing), A.Strachan (five-eighth), J.Stewart (forward),C.Robertson (forward), and C.George (forward) played in all four games; whilst G.Mason (five-eighth), J.Simpson (full-back), T.Connelly, G.Orman, R.Pratt (forward), E.Harding (forward), S.Lowther (forward), E.Holder, R.Peggie (forward), played in three games.

June 23 v. West Coast, at Greymouth. Lost, 0 – 19

July 14 v. West Coast, at Westport
Won, 9 – 8
H. Mann and J.Hill, tries; E. Holder, 1 penalty.
Referee: D.Kilgour

August 4 v. Bush Districts, at Victory Square, Westport.
Won, 9 – 5
W. Greer, J. Hill and J. Neighbours, tries
Referee: A.S. Dalton.

September 22 v. Marlborough, at Blenheim
Lost, 7-19
E.Holder, 1 penalty; D. Mason, 1 pot.