~ 1959 ~

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Buller Rugby Union.
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Founded 1894 – (affiliated NZRU 1894)
F.W.McHerron Esq.
Main ground:
Victoria Square, Westport
Cardinal and Blue


Sat 16 May 2:30 pm A Rundle Cup West Coast 25 - 06
Sat 30 May 2:30 pm H Representative Match Canterbury 00 - 19
Sat 04 Jul 2:30 pm H Rundle Cup West Coast 08 - 08
Sat 22 Aug 2:30 pm A Seddon Shield Nelson 06 - 03
Wed 09 Sep 2:30 pm A Representative Match South Canterbury 19 - 09
Sat 12 Sep 2:30 pm A Representative Match Canterbury 63 - 11


Buller appeared a better side than its dismal record indicates, the final tally of five losses and one draw in six games including the biggest ever defeat of Buller.

The story of the poor season is told by the figures, which were:

v. West Coast At Hokitika Lost 6 to 25
v. Canterbury At Westport Lost 0 to 10
v. West Coast At Westport Drew 8 to 8
v. Nelson At Nelson Lost 3 to 6 {Seddon Shield}
v. South Canterbury At Timaru Lost 9 to 19
v. Canterbury At Christchurch Lost 11 to 63

The fifth side to come to New Zealand from the United Kingdom and Ireland proved a free-scoring one, and gathered a big win at Greymouth (58-3) against West Coast-Buller.

Unfortunately R.R.Gardiner (West Coast) retired injured after twenty-six minutes of play, and this severely handicapped the home team, which included eight Buller representatives: G.S.Allan (Westport Old Boys), Keith Clayworth (Westport), J.E.Cockfield (Westport), W.N.Forsyth (Westport), C.R.Pratt (Westport), J.B.Shaw (Westport Old Boys), R.J.Vaile (Westport White Star) and M.C.White (Westport). Excepting J.E.Cockfield, all the above took part in the regional trial played at Nelson for All Black Test selection, O.H.Nahr (Westport White Star) playing in his stead, with K.B.W.Wood (Westport Old Boys) filling in as a replacement during the play.

Special mention in the Annual Report for this season was made in regard to an excellent senior Club competition, wherein Westport Club won the Senior Shield for the first time for over twenty years. The same eulogies were made in respect of the junior series, Karamea Club winning that grade’s Shield; taking part in the junior competition for the first time was Westport Technical College, now titled Buller High School.