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We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Buller Rugby Union.
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Founded 1894 – (affiliated NZRU 1894)
Rodney Dawe
Mr J.M.Syron
Main ground:
Victoria Square, Westport
Cardinal and Blue


Sat 24 May 2:30 pm H Representative Southland 09 - 22
Mon 02 Jun 2:30 pm H Representative Nelson Bays 14 - 03
Sat 14 Jun 2:30 pm H Representative West Coast 23 - 06
Wed 25 Jun 2:30 pm H Div2 - NPC Marlborough 07 - 22
Wed 09 Jul 2:30 pm A Div2 - NPC Waikato 38 - 04
Sat 12 Jul 2:30 pm A Div2 - NPC King Country 19 - 04
Sat 26 Jul 2:30 pm A Seddon Shield Marlborough 18 - 04
Wed 13 Aug 2:30 pm H Representative Australia 00 - 62
Sat 23 Aug 2:30 pm H Div2 - NPC Hawkes Bay 12 - 37
Sat 30 Aug 2:30 pm H Div2 - NPC Mid Canterbury 12 - 16
Sun 07 Sep 2:30 pm H Representative Canterbury B 12 - 24
Wed 10 Sep 2:30 pm H Div2 - NPC North Harbour 07 - 38
Sat 20 Sep 2:30 pm H Div2 - NPC Whanganui 04 - 49


The 1986 season proved to be Buller’s last in Division II. Although the team tried its hardest, lack of size and the changing nature of the game of Rugby which was seeing higher scores becoming more and more common, meant that the credit size of the Buller score-sheet of 1 12 paled beside the deficit side of 354.

Nevertheless, David Baird passed 50 games for Buller and also brought up his 300 points for the Union in what was, for him, a low key season.

The loss of Mark Macintosh as an attacking back was offset by the return of Grant James, a very potent attacking force, who because Buller spent so much time on defence rarely had the opportunity to display his attacking skills.

The highlight of the season was the visit of Alan Jones’ Australians who proved to be fine ambassadors for their country and did much to dispel the image that all Australians are loud, boorish and conceited.

The Australians enjoyed their time in Westport immensely both on the field with a 62-0 win and off it where they were very appreciative of the local hospitality.

Matches played were:

v Southland at Westport Lost 9-22
v Nelson-Bays at Westport Won 14-3
v West Coast at Westport Won 26-6
v Marlborough at Westport Lost 7-22
v Waikato at Hamilton Lost 4-38
v King Country at Te Kuiti Lost 4-19
v Marlborough at Blenheim Lost 4-18 {Seddon Shield}
v Australia at Westport Lost 0-62
v Hawkes Bay at Westport Lost 12-37
v Mid-Canterbury at Westport Lost 12-16
v Canterbury XV at Westport Lost 12-24
v North Harbour at Westport Lost 7-38
v Wanganui at Westport Lost 4-49

Scorers were:

v Southland: Pier Groot (try), David Baird (conversion, penalty)
v Nelson-Bays: Malcolm Campbell (try), Tony O’Dea (try), David Baird (2 penalties)
v West Coast: Grant James (2 tries), David Baird (try, conversion, 3 penalties)
v Marlborough: R. Taylor (try), David Baird (penalty)
v Waikato: Piet Groot (try)
v King Country: Tony O’Dea (try)
v Marlborough: Michael Bonisch (try)
v Australia: No scorers
v Hawkes Bay: Grant James (try), Lin Wills (conversion, 2 penalties)
v Mid Canterbury: John McArthur (try), Lin Wills (conversion, 2 penalties)
v Canterbury XV: Glenn Elley (try), Michael Coghlan (try), John McArthur (conversion), Michael Nikora (conversion)
v North Harbour: Grant James (try), Rex Mumm (penalty)
v Wanganui: Tony O’Dea (try)